Big Box Collection

Big Box Collection

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For the serious EarthBound/MOTHER series fan or collector. You get a special, Limited Edition BIG BOX that comes with everything from the original Kickstarter campaign! Contents include:

  • Blu-ray
  • DVD
  • CD Soundtrack
  • "See America!" T-Shirt
  • Mother To Earth Logo T-Shirt
  • Item Sticker Pack
  • Iterations Sticker Pack
  • Logo Sticker Pack
  • Postcard Pack
  • POGS Pack
  • Air Freshener
  • Hank's Bat
  • All 7 Mini-Posters (Matching #'s)
  • Theatrical Poster

You get a Blu-ray of the documentary, a DVD copy of the documentary, a CD copy of the soundtrack, all the stickers packs, the postcard set, two T-shirts, a set of POGS, an air freshener, the theatrical poster, and all seven mini-posters. That's a LOT!!!

Please note: Final design may differ slightly from the mockups used in product images.